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Juniors Fun!

Download an activity page for free, or check out the links for more information and fun for kids.  Keep scrolling for helpful files and more information.

Mineral Word Search
Learn how to make a Ming Tree

Download the directions above and learn how to make your own Ming tree!  You'll need stone bead chips (about 30 or so) and some thin, soft wire, three lengths about 25" long each.  Copper wire in "dead soft" is good, or soft craft wire works well, which you can find at most craft stores like Joann's or Michael's.

Make your own fossil

Salt Dough Fossil Recipe:
2 cups flour
1 cup table salt
1 cup of water (you might not use it all)
Mix to desired consistency.  Once dough is sticky and not too firm, roll out with rolling pin. Press shapes.
There are several options for drying your salt dough.  Once dry, you can paint it with acrylic paint.
You may air dry, this could take quite a while depending on the humidity of your house.
You may dehydrate dry them, 120 degrees F for about 3 hours.
You may also bake them at about 200 degrees F for about 40-50 minutes.

You'll need, flour, salt, and water for making the dough.  Then you'll need figures or shells or something to press into the dough to make your "fossil."

Check out the following links for Kid-Friendly rockhounding and geology sites

Check out Gator Girl!  She's no longer updating the site, but it's still an amazing resource for kids that want to know more about where to go and what to find in the U.S.

Washington Dept of Natural Resources takes a tour through seven regions in Washington to show you all the natural features and geologic treasures of our state.

The National Museum of Natural History showcase the Department of Paleobiology here.  Check out their research programs and articles to find out more.

Interested in Tumbling?  Download the following file for help and resources on Tumbling rocks.

Check out this site for some good information on exploring the exciting science of geology by Briteco author Dustin Lemick!

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