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C. H.
Apr 09, 2022
In Equipment
Good morning all, Hi! Hello! My name is Carolyn (I've only been to the January meeting, so apologies for being a hermit and relatively scarce face-to-face. It just feels awkward to go alone to the meetings, especially when I have nothing to share or add!) I'm really new to the hobby and would like to start polishing and cutting the rocks I have collected to better identify what I have, but I can't really spend dollars I don't have investing in loads of equipment without at least trying my hand at it first! Is anyone within the club open to the idea of workshops/mentoring those who want to start cutting and polishing rocks but have little to no experience with powered tools? I do have most of the recommended PPE, just need to get some ear protection and a respirator. (Alternatively, if you know of a college/shop in the local area that offers classes, please let me know!) Thanks in advance.

C. H.

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